The Work-

Infrastructures-Underlying framework and ecology.

  • Self-Care: Soul.Mind.Body and the cycles of our growth and well being.
  • Deconstruction and healing of internalized oppression with external manifestations towards a fully embodied you.
  • Family & Home: Seasons, Legacy and Roots
  • Work in the World: Values clarification, Vision/Mission, Alignment, Ethics

Conscious Leaders- Awake and able to understand what is present at a personal, interpersonal and communal level. 

  • Awake folk who hold the light (the beauty) & the shadow (the challenge). With a fire for social justice.
  • Sacred space holders for healing and in-powerment.
  • Ownership of identity & restorative movement
  • Thorough understanding and analysis of what is at stake, and the structures of oppression and their impact.

Collective Healing-The restoration and Shared healing that involves all and is focused on the equity, justice and well-being of the entire community.

  • Social Justice Lens
  • Deconstructing of paradigms
  • ActiVisionary work: Building for a future not yet here with innovative structures and possibilities.
  • Community well-being that includes people, planet and spirit.
  • Healthy partnerships
  • Ethnoactivism: As a woman of color I want to name the importance of identity work and ownership of our roots and the indigenous legacies we come from. There is a restorative and healing work that needs to happen. So we are either someone who needs to own this or become a partner in supporting those who have historically been cast to the shadows.
  • Medicine: Bringing of our gifts and unique skill sets that contribute to healing and full embodiment.


Spiritual Foundations of Sacred Conscious Movement

To me this work is unequivocally spiritual work. Now the lens by which we define that spirituality is individual. And my work is to support folks in naming what that is for you and how to build your movement (way of being) with a strong foundation. When we are in full ownership and in our fullest expression we can move sustainably. You are needed.


About Me

Passionate about justice, equity, and healing, Angelique brings a unique framework to support conscious leadership and collective healing. Revealing the path to healing and a shift in consciousness, recognizing that we all have spheres of influence that impact each other. And together we can change the world.

Through a social justice and healing lens, she brings an array of experiences through her work with ASSETS PA, where she developed and taught the Women’s Leadership Circle. She also teaches on business through a social justice perspective. She has served as trainer and program developer for the Latino Empowerment Project and was a Community Presenter and Social Justice Trainer for the YWCA. She has also Co-Led with Maya Hackett from the Calibration Institute, a Guidess Economy Community with 60+ authors, artists, pro-bloggers & entrepreneurs. And so much more.


Believing in the power of our collective stories, both the light and the shadow, her work helps to build both personal and communal capacity that can bring about sustainable change and impact. Her guiding and facilitation offer space for personal, interpersonal and communal in-powerment and transformation.Familiar with the impact of trauma, oppression, repression, and depression, her commitment to sharing authentically and transparently is evident in her work.

Angelique A. Arroyo is the owner of Angelique Guides: Infrastructure for Conscious Leaders & Collective Healing. In this work, she guides 1 on 1, Conscious Leadership Work, and Development programs for businesses, organizations, and institutions. She’s available for speaking engagements and offers workshops on the topic of conscious leadership & collective healing, bringing 10+ years of circling with the community.

A Jewyorican from Brooklyn, when Angelique is not in the community you can find her writing spoken word poetry, making herbal medicine, and hanging with family and friends.You can also find me at my other web home TheJewyoricanBrujaPriestess.com
Angelique has gone through the depths to discover her great gifts and purpose in life – and now makes that gift available to others through her coaching and facilitating work. She is particularly gifted in helping to gently but resolutely expose and dismantle systems that keep our hearts, minds, relationships and organizations stifled and stagnant. This is no small matter! Angelique helps steer that individual, interpersonal and collective growth toward healing the deep wounds of racism, poverty, sexual discrimination and more to bring about the communities we hope for. I honor her work and am so grateful for her willingness to share it with the world.
Jessica King, Executive Director at ASSETS PA
As founder of the Latino Empowerment Project, I searched for a like-minded co-facilitator during its 4th year.  Angelique Arroyo was that person.  I sought to enhance the method of delivering a powerful community program unlike any other, and she was very instrumental throughout this process.  Angelique understood & supported my vision, which led to building a meaningful mission statement.  She played a pivotal role by delivering outstanding approaches for participants to fully engage in the 7-week program.  Her facilitation skills are on point, and she has a unique gift of speaking comfort into people.  Angelique brings an authentic spirit with her work, which forces everyone to think creatively & out of the proverbial box.
Fran Rodriguez, Founder of the Latino Empowerment Project
I would just like to say thank you for the expertise that you brought to the board training.  I found it to be very informative and it has helped us to envision where we want to go as an organization. We have a long way to go but I feel that we are well on our way now thank s to you. Thank you, Peace!
Schirlyn Kamara, Founder of Nulife, Sewing with Purpose
I thought Angelique was an excellent facilitator and kept the group focused on the subject matter.  I hope we can utilize her services again in the future. 
MacDonald H. Stacks, Board Member of NuLife, Sewing with Purpose
I wish every woman would work with Angelique Arroyo before she started a circle or began a collaboration, especially after a year of silently watching so many women “rise up” as generous medicine keepers while playing mean girls behind the scenes, addicted to their personal reputations, consciously lying, stealing content; hurting so many others thru “gentle-gossip” while looking all bright & shiny. Of course, that’s not who they really are – every woman comes from a place of authentic contribution. Angelique invites us to know ourselves, to create healthy boundaries and to be responsible for those we gather, with a Code of Ethics, Negotiables & Non Negotiables, Exit and Transitional plans so we can hold space in a way that’s healthy & right.
Maya (Corrine)Hackett from www.empresstides.com & Tedx FiDiWomen Speaker