Are you liberating minds?


Are you liberating minds?

I know, we get so committed to our collective liberation. We are in it, we have a vision and we worked toward it. Conscious leadership is the act of choosing everyday to stay awake to yourself and the world around you. How ever you’ve chosen to show up and I mean that from parenting to executive director we’ve got work to do. But we need to consciously understand that it is more than just looking at the big picture of change. We’ve got to understand that the liberation of the individual is just as imperative. I always use the old analogy of the elephant who is so used to being chained that even when there isn’t a chain it’ll stay with in the constraints of what it has grown accustomed to.

Now this is not that life is whatever you make of it spiel. Sorry, there are some things we do not choose or do not create and are not discriminating in their visit. So in our attempts to be change agents we must consider that our minds must be liberated as well. Our beliefs have been both framed by our conditioning and context, and that work my beloveds requires more thorough deconstructing and dismantling. And after that work is the one of healing and restoration, not to the old paradigms but to new possibilities. You must do this and live this yourself as you step into guiding others to do the same.


How does your work/business/organization/movement(individual & groups) go about doing the thorough work of deconstructing and dismantling limiting beliefs and paradigms in light of our Sista Angela Davi’s liberating minds quote?

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