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Ariana from Saltwater Stars here! I am going to be offering insight on how our Sun signs influence our approach to leadership. If you would like a full analysis of your natal chart in relation to leadership, please email me at arianak[dot]felix@gmail[dot]com.

The Sun in the natal chart (where the luminaries + planets were positioned at moment of birth) operates like the Sun does in the solar system. Giving light, energy,  & power to self (earth). Our Sun is the active agent of self that moves to get our needs met. These needs are indicated by the zodiac sign our Sun is in. The Sun is important in examining leadership roles because it is essential in the process of identity, self-expression, intention, and will. All particularly relevant to positions/engagement in leadership.

Keep in mind that astrology is intricate, complex, & cyclic; so our Suns present one facet of our beings, and the sign they are in one aspect of our total expression. There are the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendant, & 8 planets to take into account. However, that does not detract from the potency of being aware of the presence of each entity on its own.

You can use this guide as an alignment reminder of when taking on work/collaborations, or simply information to meditate on. The dates the Sun is in each sign vary each year (usually just by a day) depending on what hour the Sun moves.

March 21- April 19

Sun in Aries is a natural leader. Aries needs freedom of being, independence, & craves immediate results. Driven by Mars, Sun in Aries will be excellent at initiating projects/ideas, getting shit started and done. Not particularly adept at follow through, it is important for Aries to be humble enough to delegate & focus extra energy on intention. Remembering to include others as they follow instincts may be a challenge. Motivating the team is a powerful outlet for the assertiveness of Aries, combined with the killer bravery of direct action. Total fire warrior Guide.

April 20- May 20

A Taurus as a leader is grounded in the real-time needs of whatever they are contributing to. The Taurean approach is primarily concerned with safety, stability, & tangible results (which are always emphasized when Venus is involved). Everything they engage in is seen as an investment; therefore value development and integration are focused on. Taurus isn’t one for mutability so comfort zones must always be challenged, particularly when action is necessary. Being intentional about collaborating with those whose values align is essential for Taurus to feel secure and in-power (a word which here means authenticity + integrity). Total sexy mama earth Guide.

May 21- June 20

A constant student-teacher, Gemini is super-adept at gathering, processing, & delivering information. Sun in Gemini will feel most in-power (a word which here means authenticity + integrity) when intellectualizing and adapting. This makes for a dynamic leader, who innately seeks to inquire and inform. It might be challenging for this mutable Gemini energy to direct focus, commit, and ground. This adaptability can be an asset and a challenge. Being aware of skills and where cohesive input/application is necessary will allow a Gemini leader to invite others into contribution while operating at full capacity. Remembering to breathe fresh air is important. Total mastermind Guide.

June 21- July 22

When Cancer Suns engage in leadership, they inevitable activate the Cancer needs for nurture. Their identity and creations are intertwined with the capacity they have to hold hearts, be receptive to feelings, & be response-able. Sacred boundaries are immensely essential for Sun in Cancer to thrive in positions of leadership, as they will soak up energies like moon-light. Sensitive leaders are powerful ones if they are able to water themselves as well. Allowing the engagement in leadership to be cyclical, intuitive, & tender will be most effective as they hold intentions close. Total creatrix midwife Guide.<

July 22- August 22

The Sun is at home in Leo, enforcing the need for identity affirmation, demanding love & respect, and creating expressions of self. As a leader, it is important for Leo to be conscious of when they might be performing vs. integrating. Prioritizing playfulness and self-love will put Leo in- power (a word which here means authenticity + integrity) to guide others. Leo is magnanimous & generous- as leaders, they need to acknowledge their contribution while validating that of their audiences. Clear non-egocentric intentions are vital to effectiveness. Sun in Leo is adept at creating platforms to shine and giving that opportunity to others as well. Total lion-queen Guide.

August 23- September 22

Detail oriented productivity analyst, Sun in Virgo gets its vitality from pragmatism. Ensuring that all systems are functioning at optimal performance is essential for leadership. It could be challenging for a Virgo Sun to surrender to flow, to not get too meticulous, and remember that improvement (of self & creations) is a process, not a product. Mercury is back as an active agent yet in an earth sign this time. Think Grounded. Literally. They will thrive where’ve they can be most useful, with real-time support being an innate skill. Trust them to adjust, create order, & be skeptical as fuck- which makes them equally accountable. Total service provider efficiency expert Guide.

September 23- October 22

Libra needs relationships and integration; Venus is here again as an active agent yet in a rational air sign. So the Sun in Libra will be as lovely as possible in order to attract these. Libra is concerned with relationships because it is about ethics & collaboration. Those functions operate in social settings. Our ethics inform how we relate, and our collaborations are reflections of such. Sun in Libra as a leader will be cooperative and gifted in negotiations. This is where the ethics come in. Sun in Libra needs to prioritize the integration of their ethics into every interaction so they do not compromise their integrity. This allows for truly graceful relations because it automatically eliminates bullshit. Total love-maker Guide.

October 23- November 21

As a leader, Sun in Scorpio will cultivate intimacy, healing, and provoke transformation. Being aware of their own purge/ power cravings will enable them to create the necessary separation between their own processes & their contribution. Scorpio Suns have an enormous capacity for knowing themselves deeply, if they can work with their tendency to repress/control. This deep knowing gives them important insights when dealing with people/places/things. They are adept at managing extremes & the shadow and will thrive when they can be raw and cultivate transparency while having sacred boundaries. Total phoenix Guide.

November 22- December 21

Truth teller, risk taker, master-expander Sun in Sagittarius needs to create meaning from lived experience. This makes them an opinionated and enthusiastic leader capable of action oriented visions. They might tend to dream and think big yet be nonchalant; or Sun in Sagittarius will be driven by their ego/belief systems without room for others. Navigating their personal truths and learning curves comes more easily since as a fire sign they are in-touch with instinct. They will search for where they can give & be-given, and SHOW UP. Sagittarius Sun leaders are adept at creating righteous, expansive space/work where their need for exploration will thrive. Total truth translator Guide.

December 22-January 19

Saturn is our ability to build & structure, long-term. Capricorn Sun needs to operate & contribute in tangible ways. They will lead by doing the work and ensuring that everyone has their role. This might manifest as micro-managing or taking it all too seriously. However, Sun in Capricorn can be relied on to take shit seriously, get shit done, and be practical. This gives them life, as will learning how to let themselves and others off the hook. Process, not perfection can be a useful reminder for this leader. Total boss Guide.

January 20- February 18

Aquarian Suns make marvelous leaders because they have an innate sense of altruism, concern for humanity, and the ability to be objective. They like a little chaos with their structure, and can tend to deconstruct just to reconstruct. It is in their nature to revolutionize. This activates whenever they are in a position of leadership, which they will take seriously while also trying to take socialist approaches. They usually despise hierarchies, revolt anything smelling of conformity. If they have space to be individual and create collectives, they will thrive as leaders. Total change-maker Guide.

February 19- March 20

The ultimate absorber, Sun in Pisces will show up wherever empathy is needed. Creating sacred boundaries may be a challenge, and eliminating any traces of savior-martyr trip ups must be eternally prioritized. They will operate best when they can follow their flow. This does not mean they cannot be effective, just that their priorities and constructs will look different. Sun in Pisces as leaders should sustain themselves by connecting to whatever other-realms resonate, and grounding in-power (a word which here means authenticity + integrity). Sun in Pisces would feel best respecting their natural inclination for transcendentalism & easy expression of multitudes. Total mystic Guide.

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