Your capacity to hold space for the pain..


What times we are living in. There is some serious conversations going around. And alot of pain….historical, present and some for the first time are feeling it all. I have an enormous amount of compassion for our pain both individual and collective. Especially when we are talking about justice and equity.

Earlier this year on a personal level I went through a pretty bad divorce. It was painful and triggered past trauma. It knocked me on my ass. Lets just say that I’ll never be the same. It was so painful. As I sat with the process and all that it came with, I couldn’t help but to remind myself to be present. Reminding myself there is no shortcut, as bad as I wanted one. Anything to take away the pain would have been nice to say the least.

Your capacity to hold space for the pain in community is related to your capacity to hold space for your own pain. #consciousleaders

It doesn’t mean we have to experience the pain of others. It does mean that our ability to be with our own pain will teach us alot. It will give us a knowing compassion for the process of others. Because we have been through our own. We understand how messy it can be or blinding to be so hurt. I will go further to name the impact of trauma on individuals, and how it can alter how you see the world and what’s possible.

I often want to know how someone whose sphere of influence is large holds space for their own pain. How do they transparently own their own places of light and shadow. Because that tells me more about their capacity to hold their communities. We need Conscious Leaders who are trauma informed, transparent and compassionate in all places in our community.

Anything less will continue to compound the stress and pressure already present in this time. It will continue to perpetuate the constructs that keep us fragmented as a community and impede our collective healing.

So how are you holding pain? Your own? Can you be with that? If you can…. I have hope for us all. If you’ve struggled with this I invite you to work with me one on one or if you are a woman you can join the Conscious Women’s Leadership Intensive in January! Sign up now.

Wishing us all expanded capacity!



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