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Why Conscious Women’s Leadership Intensive?

Women bring a diversity of capacities and experiences that are essential to build a just and equitable community landscape. We live in a dichotomy of both the work of our internal in-powerment and the challenges we face in the society we live in. How can we move in a way that holds what is most important for us while doing our work in the world in a just and equitable way. How can we ensure that we are holding soul, mind and body in this journey. If you are wanting to know more about me and my work go here. This is what we will dive deep into…..I hope to see you in the circle.


  • Introvert & Extrovert and everyone in between.
  • Soulprenuers, Healers, CEO’s, ED’s, On fire Sista’s seeking clarity on what is next!
  • In transition-life & work in the world.
  • Movement Builders, Change agents and all the inbetweens.





Angelique has gone through the depths to discover her great gifts and purpose in life – and now makes that gift available to others through her coaching and facilitating work. She is particularly gifted in helping to gently but resolutely expose and dismantle systems that keep our hearts, minds, relationships and organizations stifled and stagnant. This is no small matter! Angelique helps steer that individual, interpersonal and collective growth toward healing the deep wounds of racism, poverty, sexual discrimination and more to bring about the communities we hope for. I honor her work and am so grateful for her willingness to share it with the world.
Jessica King, Executive Director at ASSETS PA
“This Circle was a place where we collectively and individually “gave birth” to new ideas and perspectives. In the Circle, we found the support we needed to let go of negative and unproductive ways of thinking and moving in our work. I highly recommend Angelique and the Circle for any woman seeking new growth and exploration in her work and her life.”
Melanie G. Snyder, Reentry Management Organization of Lancaster and Tedx Lancaster Speaker
The power that we need to create effective, life-sustaining, life-giving, vibrant energy for our individual businesses and our collective enterprises was present and nourished by Angelique. By honoring her journey/passion and ours, she imbued confidence and healing for us to take ownership of our own unique expression of ourselves in our business and in business partnerships.”
Peg Zimmerman, M.A. Holistic Counselor


  • Weekly emails with links to that week’s video and deeper digging questions and exercises.
  • Facebook group for interaction and connection.
  • Two 60-minute Community Calls: Every other Monday evening @ 8 pm, Eastern.
  • Surprise Bonus Goodies!


Our topics include:


Deconstructing paradigms: Internalized limits, External Manifestations

Who are you? What do you stand for?

Internal Infrastructures & Sustainable Self-Care

Just & Equitable Work

Building Consciously

Time Budget & Seasonal Planning

How do we get back in our bodies

Grounding practices for sustainable impact

So much more…..

Angelique is keeper of the Way. This Way is the passionate woman’s way of diving into the center, being with ourselves {all parts of ourselves} so we can heal and honor the whole of our souls, raw and real. Her way is the way to healing our grandmothers, as well as our granddaughters-it’s DNA level re-mastering. And she facilitates this by a listening, a light that boldly shines on your soul, so you can see, truly See. Her work isn’t all soft and feathery. No. Angelique is a warrioress, a tigress, an owl of the night, a midwife and mama of the earth who will stop at nothing to hold you close and hold you accountable for your gifts. Her offerings and services guide us to receive; grace, love, health and straight up superstar status.
Marybeth Bonfiglio-Word Alchemist from

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There are 2 options for accessibility. I’m fiercely committed to accessibility under the belief that if we have, we give and in the same measure it is powerful to ask and receive.  All our engagements full of dignity and integrity. You can choose a payment plan that works best for you knowing that you are supporting me and others in the mission toward powerful leadership! <3

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I wish every woman would work with Angelique Arroyo before she started a circle or began a collaboration, especially after a year of silently watching so many women “rise up” as generous medicine keepers while playing mean girls behind the scenes, addicted to their personal reputations, consciously lying, stealing content; hurting so many others thru “gentle-gossip” while looking all bright & shiny. Of course, that’s not who they really are – every woman comes from a place of authentic contribution. Angelique invites us to know ourselves, to create healthy boundaries and to be responsible for those we gather, with a Code of Ethics, Negotiables & Non Negotiables, Exit and Transitional plans so we can hold space in a way that’s healthy & right.
Maya (Corrine)Hackett from & Tedx FiDiWomen Speaker

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