Traditional Leadership Paradigms Must Die!

But, what needs to take its place?

You’re burnt out! You can’t even remember why you started. You wanted to “BE” the change and only found that you had to change.

You have been told you are too much. That you have to go above and beyond, stay late hours and prove you got it.

You apologize incessantly for your emotions, telling yourself you need to get your shit together!

The cost is too great!

You are tired of contorting yourself, constantly having to fracture or hide all of who you are.

You can’t do it anymore, you’ve been running on empty for too long.

You are hungry for liberation…you don’t want a leadership that is stoic, you want to embody a leadership that is real!

I’ve been studying leadership in different capacities for over 20 years. I’m talking full spectrum healthy and unhealthy. Young to older folks, from women’s circles to organizations, movements, and business. What I discovered was that what we were told leadership is, is far from what it looks like embodied in our community. In addition to that, the stoic, many masked leaders we’ve been taught to be isn’t sustainable toward our collective healing.

It matters how we show up, it has the power to build or destroy. I have a vision of a fully expressed uniquely embodied leader. One in which you leave no pieces of yourself behind and are able to bring your unique skillset informed by your experience to our collective community informed by your experience to our collective community. That means that you have a piece of what we need to heal and transform the world to be just and equitable place. This is leadership from the inside out.

Are you ready?

Paradigm Pivot: Leadership Strategies for Collective Healing Womxn Edition 8 Week E-Course

  • Self Directed so that you can go at your pace and honor your time and integration capacity.
  • Monthly Paradigm Pivot emails for inspiration.
  • Facebook group for interaction and connection if you so desire.
  • Two 60-minute Community Calls: Every other Monday evening @ 8 pm, Eastern.
  • Surprise Bonus Goodies!

Course Topics:

Week 1: The Roots of You

Week 2: Lifecycle Planning & Multi-Passionate Movement

Week 3: Our People, Our Power

Week 4: Your Village

Week 5: Leadership & You

Week 6:  Manifest This!/ Ethics of Movement/ Negotiables & Non-Negotiables/ Exit Plans & Fubar

Week 7: The Work of Liberation

Week 8: Building for Posterity

The Paradigm Pivot Collective is a diverse and inclusive space for womxn identified folx from all ethnic, religious, age and economic background. I’m excited to have you join us!

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It is time to redefine leadership, time for a Paradigm Pivot! A leadership that-

  • Has a grounded infrastructure that includes soul, mind, and body.
  • Is awake and able to understand what is present at a personal, interpersonal and communal level.
  • Is committed to community healing, the restoration and Shared healing that involves all and is focused on the equity, justice, and well-being of the entire community.


“This Circle was a place where we collectively and individually “gave birth” to new ideas and perspectives. In the Circle, we found the support we needed to let go of negative and unproductive ways of thinking and moving in our work. I highly recommend Angelique and the Circle for any woman seeking new growth and exploration in her work and her life.”

Melanie G. Snyder, Reentry Management Organization of Lancaster and Tedx Lancaster Speaker



I’ve sat as both the sounding board and guide to many folks in different leadership capacities. The very personal conversations I’ve had with folks in positions of leadership with large and small spheres of influence inspired me to create something that helps us find our way home to ourselves. So that our work can have a sustainable long-term impact. That doesn’t burn us out and causes us to compromise what we value most in our own lives. Creating movement that is natural to us and not cookie cutter. That honors seasons and cycles allowing us space to grow and change. And allows us to embody the freedom we seek to hold for others.




“The power that we need to create effective, life-sustaining, life-giving, vibrant energy for our individual businesses and our collective enterprises was present and nourished by Angelique. By honoring her journey/passion and ours, she imbued confidence and healing for us to take ownership of our own unique expression of ourselves in our business and in business partnerships.”

Peg Zimmerman, M.A. Holistic Counselor



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