Obliterating Comfort Zones


(If you have experienced trauma in your life that you are still healing through I want to invite you to follow your intuition on how this applies to you. When we have experienced trauma and are healing through it we must honor the need for safety, whether emotional or environmental. So please honor you instinct in what you can take on and what needs to be released for later. )

I’ve been sitting in observation of obliterating comfort zones. Let me be clear that I’m usually allergic to this language because I think it is highly overused and re-tramautizes folks. Having said that, indulge my exploration on the comfort zones and how we are going to obliterate them so that we can show up more fully.

The patterns and habits we get into can often provide security on different levels. Sometimes we are conscious of this and a lot of times not. So it is time to gps yourself, and look at the areas of your life.

Self, home/fam, work in the world and roots/legacy. What are your beliefs, patterns and cycles around these areas. Where are you and where are you going? Are you there?

We are headed into a different season globally where the old way of doing things or business as usual won’t yield much change or impact. And you and I have got some choices to make. Look at the assault on the waters, the state of politics and the pain our communities are in. There is enough proof that change must happen and swiftly!

And it is upto you and me and the collective community. But first we must do some internal work.

To bring forth life breathing innovations for the well-being of the collective is going to require us to break out of the patterns that we’ve been functioning in for a long time. We say why change things if they are working? But consider this, are they working? And will they be sustainable? for all?! or the world of the future?

Whatever your experience is, it is time to examine your personal capacities for change and for innovation. We can’t take people where we won’t go ourselves. There is an invitation to show up more fully, more authentically.  A demand to no longer hide yourself or fracture yourself into pieces.

But this won’t happen unless you are willing to obliterate your comfort zones, the expansion outside of this oh so comfortable place you’ve created has growing pains. And not our romanticized versions of it! It means you will feel unsure, you’ll feel uncomfortable and confused at times. We are addicted to outcomes that can be measured. Ways of being in the world that make sure we are producing visible results. But the magic that will heal our world, that will bring justice and equity will require folks who are building capacity for expansion and other ways of doing things.

But for us to evolve and grow and create real time solutions for the pains we experience as a community it is going to require powerfully tapped in medicine and expansion.

How can you obliterate your comfort zones, the ways you have been doing things that are the same?

They have become too small, you’ll know because it feels like wearing a tight shirt. You can barely move and something feels off or rutty.

So lets get practical here, what does it look like to obliterate a comfort zone?

Example: Food Rituals

I love tomato basil soup, with cheddar cheese and bread. I mean this is my go to, hot and comforting. Ahhh alas I discover that having it for lunch everyday is well getting old. I find comfort in it, its delicious and it is the same every day for lunch. This ritual becomes the norm and my presence for its flavor become well the norm. After a couple of weeks I don’t necessarily look forward to lunch because it is the same thing. My joy diminishes and I lose interest. It all becomes regular. (This is where we can take things for granted) Even my taste buds acclimate to it and expect it. That is when I know there is danger and I must obliterate what has become my comfort zone. Otherwise I’ll forget the gift of the tomatoes and how many it took to make this soup. Or the farmer who harvested it when it was ripe.

So here’s what I would do.

  • Awareness: Notice the pattern and feel into what is happening. i.e. it is easy to buy a can of soup and pile everything in and go.
  • Change: That peanut soup I tasted the other day was so good, I felt so alive when I tasted it.Ever eat something that makes you come alive?  I’m going to get the recipe and one other one and buy the ingredients to make sunday.
  • make list. go shopping.cook and separate into containers for the week.
  • repeat every couple of weeks to stay away from ruts and comforts that create patterns that dull the senses.
  • Bring new soup to potluck and enjoy the reactions of those who love it. (your expansion impacted others)

I know it sounds almost ridiculous to use food and it is not. Our patterns around showing up are very much like this. We have a million reasons why our patterns and comfort zones are okay. What is the problem? They’ve been serving this far. And they have also allowed us to autopilot so much of our process and showing up.

So what comfort zone are you going to obliterate by doing something entirely different?

Trust me in that it will expand your ability to show up and create in the world and have amazing impact toward change!

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