One on One Guiding


I believe strongly that we have what we need. We are enough! And I also recognize the profound wisdom in being supported. As a guidess and healer, I work at dismantling blocks that hold us back from walking in our fullness and enjoying it. As conscious leaders our movement has a distinct context to it. To show up in our fullest capacity and to continue to build capacity we need support, support for the support. With a thorough understanding of the context and the work of conscious leaders.

I’m here to both hold space for you and support you in aligning your life with what you really value. Whether it is the relationship with yourself, your partner, children or work       (whatever that looks like) I am here to help you own it and live it.

We’ll identify your season.

We’ll get clear on where you want to go while being enough where you are at.

We’ll have real talk around what is keeping you back.

We’ll bring healing tools that speak to you for integration and practice.

Liberation. (In)power. Grace!

It is about helping you to see all the cohesive pieces; it’s about giving you the tools to craft your life. It is a permission slip, a liberation. It’s about stepping out fully and owning your story, power & voice.

It is time to redefine what it looks like to live your passion and embrace enoughness. To keep it real about who you are and where you are going. We’ll map it  from the inside out, from your personal movement to your work in the world. Threading the tapestry of your life and creating space for what is longing to be born. Alchemy is at the heart of every person, at the heart is living on our own terms. No cookie cutter crafting here.

We’ll move through the LifeCycle’s-

Your Medicine: Soul. Mind. Body.
Your Home: Family. Partnerships. Legacy.
Your Community: Guiding. Healing. ActiVisioning.
Your Roots: Ancestors. Ethnicity. Heritage.

For Who:  The Multi-Passionate person who is ready- to own their power, speak their truth, & tell their story. Redefining what it looks like to live passionately & embrace enough. Keep it real about where you are, and where you are going.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!


  • 9 month cycle
  • 36-90 minute sessions-Bi-weekly skype or face to face meetings and bi-weekly check-in’s.
  • Souwork-Assignments to support you in deep diving.
  • Unlimited Email Support with a 24 hour turnaround response.
  • Whatever other healing support is needed collaging, journaling, and any other tools the spirit brings to the forefront for your healing and integration.
  • The creation of your personal guidebook for alignment and sustainability.


Fill out this form and we will have a 30 minute chat for alignment.

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