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Speaking topics

#YouMatter: Redefining Personal Leadership to Advance Your Community

Your personal skill set and experience are essential to your leadership. They determine how your community is built and impacted — ensuring everyone within your community feels seen, heard and valued. Your leadership is informed by both internal and external influences. Some of these influences are supportive of collective advancement and some are not. This workshop will show you how to maintain your unique leadership style while still doing your work in a just and equitable way.

During this presentation you’ll:

  • Discover how the “isms” have impacted you, your leadership style and how to neutralize their effects so what’s possible for you expands.
  • Get clarity and align your values, vision, mission, and ethics.
  • Objectively determine exactly how much time, space and energy you truly have to lead.
    Map out a three-point self-care plan that supports your cycles of growth and well being.
    See how your relationship with yourself directly impacts how your community landscape.


Angelique has gone through the depths to discover her great gifts and purpose in life – and now makes that gift available to others through her coaching and facilitating work. She is particularly gifted in helping to gently but resolutely expose and dismantle systems that keep our hearts, minds, relationships and organizations stifled and stagnant. This is no small matter! Angelique helps steer that individual, interpersonal and collective growth toward healing the deep wounds of racism, poverty, sexual discrimination and more to bring about the communities we hope for. I honor her work and am so grateful for her willingness to share it with the world.

Jessica King, Executive Director at ASSETS PA

Less Talk, More Justice: How to be an Effective Change Agent in Your Community

Social change is upon us — it’s not up for debate. You need to understand the constructs that keep the wheels of injustice turning. Your ability to recognize these systems determines whether you’ll be able to effect change in your life and community or if you’ll be an inadvertent proponent of lip-service. This presentation will highlight the level of restoration and shared healing needed for the equity, justice, and well-being of the entire planet.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Deconstruct long-standing, visible and invisible, societal paradigms
  • Create your own Social Justice Lens from which to view the world
  • Discover and leverage alternative frameworks that support the collective
  • Build for the future with innovative structures and possibilities using the ActiVisionary Process
  • Start seeing community as not only people but also the planet and spiritual energy.


“…not your ordinary leadership seminar….if you want bulleted powerpoint printouts go elsewhere, if you want to be the change in your life and community, then sit a spell with Angelique.”

Gloria Mast


On Purpose: Co-Creating the World We Can All Thrive In By Remembering Why We’re Here

It’s a question for the ages: why are we here? The short answer is, you are here to express your unique skill sets and gifts. But, what does that mean for the world and how can you intentionally share those gifts to create a world that’s authentically engaged, aligned and on purpose? The answers to those questions and more are what this presentation delivers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and name your gifts and unique skill sets in a way that’s community-centric and not ego-centric.
  • Contribute to the healing and full expression of all people.
  • Get clarity and align your values, vision, mission, and ethics.
  • Use best practice tips for authentic engagement and personal alignment.


“This workshop will change the way you think and how you connect with other women. It will expand your circle of friends, bring you in contact with diverse and interesting people from all ages and backgrounds who are doing creative and life-affirming work. If you are considering making some changes in your life – Angelique Arroyo will help you crystallize your values, and get you in the right frame of mind to move the needle in that important direction. This workshop has also been known to help a person realize when she maybe is not going in the right direction … Plus you will have FUN in the process! This is not your average Leadership Development program.”

Marian Joyce

Ethnoactivism: Bringing Roots and Legacy to Bear for Progress

Society paints a picture of a “melting pot” and teaches us, in direct and indirect ways, that assimilation is the fastest path to everyone “getting along”. This workshop shows you how your ancestry and roots need to be highlighted as opposed to homogenized. All parts of who you are will be examined, lifted up, owned and celebrated to bring all parts of you to bear on behalf of progress.

During this presentation you’ll:

  • See the full negative impact of homogenization and “melting pot”
  • Reflect on our various, multi-faceted indigenous legacies.
  • Dive deep into identity work and ownership of your roots.
  • Tap into the technology of your Ancestors for enhanced clarity, focus, and purpose.
  • Learn how to work in harmony with Indigenous people from different backgrounds to effect change.
  • Determine how to create your own version of activism and use it to inform your day-to-day actions in your community.

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