Understand the liberation we are working towards

I’ve been somewhere in between working alot and resting and growing. I’m right now in the middle of a very personal growing edge in the aspect of self. I’m usually really intentional and intense about when I’m being schooled. And yet find myself for probably the first time in my life excited and playful about what is coming up.

Lets talk about the roots of what is happening. When we look at our context and the work of liberation it is important to understand why we struggle so much. We love the gospel of change and transformation but somehow forget that the development of the human being is an entire branch of science. If we’ve devoted that much energy, surely it is much more complex than the happiness rhetoric.

In our leadership we must be conscious that in our own personal experience there is plenty we have internalized. Messages about who we are and who we are not. What is our right and what we do not have the right to. The psychological impact of these things are far more layered and multi-dimensional than we’ve even been willing to name.

What becomes super important to me is the self-awareness around what oppression we (you) as a conscious leader committed to healing have internalized. It is layers of things that with seasons, events and changes come up. Where are you not yet free? We ourselves must know the work and be actively in the journey of dismantling it in ourselves and in our lived experience. For me some of those pieces are as a womyn, person of color, jew etc.

Look at your own life, Self: Soul.Mind.Body, Family/home, Work in the World, Legacy Building. Where are you still living under the constructs of beliefs and ideas about self that were assigned and given? Now this doesn’t change that we still live in a world and society that is living, moving and breathing based on these constructs. And right now I’m addressing your (self) outside of that.

To continue to do the work of healing, change and liberation you must yourself be in constant awareness and notice of where you are at work with your own liberation.

Here’s to our journey!


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